Kinder Australia is proud to announce the promotion of Charles Pratt to the position of Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Charles brings a wealth of experience and innovative thinking to his new role after serving as the Operations Manager and remaining as a company shareholder.

Charles Pratt joined Kinder Australia in 2004, commencing his journey as an engineer with a background in mechanical engineering and business management. His appointment has been a pivotal moment in Kinder’s history, propelling the company forward and infusing it with fresh ideas.

Known for his energy and drive, Charles Pratt’s leadership has been nothing short of transformative. His hands-on experience and profound understanding of heavy process industries make him a remarkable problem solver, not only for Kinder but also for the company’s valued customers. Charles has an uncanny ability to dive deep and uncover issues, often identifying challenges that even the most discerning customer might overlook.

Charles Pratt is characterised by his unwavering diligence and diplomatic approach, in order to achieve the best possible outcomes and practical solutions. He encourages a culture of inclusiveness and upskilling – qualities that have played a pivotal role in his rapid rise within the company.

Neil and Christine Kinder, the visionary founders of Kinder Australia, have now transitioned into managerial roles within the Kinder Australia Advisory Board. Neil Kinder retains his position as the Managing Director of Kinder Australia, ensuring continuity, big-picture strategic thinking, and a steady hand at the helm.

Kinder Australia is also celebrating a significant milestone this November, marking 38 years of excellence in the bulk materials handling industry.

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