Kinder’s K-SkirtSupport System, a unique, galvanised bolt-in system designed for all bulk materials handling industries.

It’s custom-built to accommodate Kinder’s comprehensive conveyor skirting and belt support solutions.

This system is supplied with fixtures and bolt hole drillings for quick installation.

It can be manufactured to accommodate conveyor belt covers and is available in various belt widths.

Plus, it’s shipped in a flat pack design for economical shipping.

The K-SkirtSupport System reduces labour resources during installation, making it efficient and cost-effective.

It can fully accommodate K-AllShelter® Capotex Conveyor Covers, providing a solid, environmental protection and dust containment solution.

By using Caposafe Service Props, conveyor covers can be safely held up, allowing easy access for maintenance teams.

For safe operation, it’s recommended to use six Caposafe Service Props.

For a cost-effective, efficient solution, choose Kinder’s K-SkirtSupport System.

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