Conveyor belt misalignment is a silent killer of productivity and the root cause of most conveyor problems on site.  If left neglected and not fixed, overtime belt misalignment will slowly but surely have negative impacts like:

  • Material spillage & associated safety, cleaning up costs
  • Failures to conveyor components
  • Conveyor structural damage
  • Reduced conveyor belt life

K-Commander® Prime Tracker is a flexible, all-direction belt tracker that can be installed either above or below the conveyor belt and in reversing applications.  It features a separate axial and rotational function, which means that the pivot bush can be utilised to achieve a completely free 360° pivot. This makes it ideal for correcting even minor belt misalignments.

K-Commander® Prime Tracker is also designed to be durable and long-lasting. The rubber lagging provides extreme wear resistance, and the cylindrical (non-tapered) design extends service life and leads to uniform wear. The adjustable brackets allow for a more adaptive installation, and the internalized design is suitably protected from dust and sand.

K-Commander® Prime Tracker is a valuable tool for preventing conveyor belt misalignment and the problems that it can cause. If you are looking for a reliable and effective belt tracker, the K-Commander® Prime Tracker is a great option.

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If you are experiencing problems with conveyor belt misalignment, the K-Commander® Prime Tracker can help, click here for more information.

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