Engineering is the driving force at Kinder Australia and together with our extensive technical field expertise and customer feedback, Kinder is excited to announce the improvement in the design of our standard K-Steel Roller seal.

This main improvement is an increase in sealing, which will help to further prevent the ingress of contaminants into the bearing, this can ultimately extend the life of K-Steel Rollers in application as well as in storage.
The new TKIII seal features a contact seal that provides a better seal against contaminants. This results in a small increase in rotation resistance by way of an incorporated contact seal, but the overall improvement in sealing performance far outweighs this.

For ultra-contaminated environments, Kinder can also offer a 2RS contact seal in the bearing, as opposed to ZZ non-contact shields as standard, contact Kinder further for information on this.
Manufacturing K-Steel Rollers with the new TKIII seal has commenced. However, it may take some time for them to be available in stock, we appreciate our customer’s patience on this. Please beware Kinder will do our best to supply your orders with the new seal, but this may not always be possible.

We believe that this improvement to our K-Steel roller seal is a significant step forward in providing our customers with the best possible products and outcomes. To learn more about the new TKIII seal and to request a copy of the comparison Test Report and how it can improve the performance of K-Steel rollers, please contact Kinder.

For more information on your specific requirements, contact Kinder Australia on +61 38587 9111 or email Kinder