If your application is considered high impact, you will be familiar with the prolonged damage that occurs from repeated impact at the transfer point – heavy, fast, and sharp material as well as substantial drop heights. When you have these extreme conditions, you need an impact belt support system that will handle the load.

Designed by the expert engineering team at Kinder Australia, the K-Shield Dynamax® Impact Belt Support System has been engineered to provide ample support, belt protection and material containment at the transfer point of these high impact conveyor systems.

To ensure that the conveyor belt’s top cover remains undamaged, the centre point of the K-Shield® Dynamax Impact Bed is suspended with specialised anti-vibration mounts. The elasticity of the system reduces the full force of the material stream, surpassing the performance of traditional impact idlers or a conventional impact cradle alone.

Support for the belt is provided by low-friction, 30mm thick UHMWPE rails. These rails ensure minimal resistance, allowing smooth movement of the belt. The system incorporates statically mounted wings that create a sag-free region, facilitating an effective seal between the conveyor skirting system and the belt.

The K-Shield Dynamax® Impact Belt Support System also delivers a simple drop-in replacement for existing impact idlers. Each system is specifically engineered to match height and profile of the existing idlers. It is available for all belt widths.

For applications characterised by high-impact environments, the detrimental effects of repeated impact at the transfer point are costly and unproductive. The relentless force of heavy, fast-moving, and sharp materials, combined with significant drop heights, can inflict prolonged damage on conveyor systems. To withstand such extreme conditions, a robust impact belt support system capable of handling substantial loads becomes imperative.

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