If you have areas of heavy impact and fast-moving material, chances are you have experienced wear damage.

One of the issues with traditional wear liners, is the inability to focus on “hot spots” and having the replace the entire system when wear inevitably occurs. It’s awkward, costly, and production downtime is certain.

K-Redi-Liner® Polyurethane is a modular bolt-in system made from highly durable polyurethane. The panels can be arranged in any pattern you require, taking care to cover specific areas of need.

K-Redi-Liner® Ceramic incorporates alumina ceramic beads which are firmly embedded in the polyurethane.

K-Redi-Liner® KP Dual Duro is for heavy duty applications and will provide maximum protection.

If the lined area experiences wear due to prolonged impact, the bolted panel can be rotated for even exposure then replaced in time without disturbance to the rest of the system.

Be assured that your equipment is well protected from heavy and vigorous material with Kinder Australia’s K-Redi-Liner®

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