Not all conveyed materials are the same, and therefore not all lining media should be the same.

Blockages and flow problems may be encountered because of poor chute design and varying moisture content. Each lining application must be evaluated properly, taking into consideration all aspects of the material being handled. These factors determine the grade, material and style of the lining media used.

Some factors to consider:

  • Material/particle size and concentration
  • Material moisture content & environmental conditions
  • Impact strength
  • Abrasion
  • Chute shape & head room restriction

Kinder Australia can offer lining media to suit a wide range of applications, to stop common issues such as bridging/arching, caking, ratholing and wear.

K-Slip Low Friction Liner, Flow and Anti Wear - Kinder Australia improving productivity for bulk materials handling

For fine particle materials, the K-Slip Low Friction Liner is an ideal option. Although these materials present minimal wear, there is an issue with how the material flows (or more importantly, doesn’t flow) Fine non-abrasive particles having passed through the crushing and grinding circuit, may be required to flow through complicated shaped chutes where there is restricted head room. With a conventional low friction material, it can be difficult to install in these complicated transition and confined points. Round corners and acute angles do not fix well with fasteners; in fact they often provide another point on which the material can bridge. K-Slip has a synthetic rubber backing, and adhesive is available from Kinder Australia to attach securely with a smooth finish.


  • Extra slippery with very low co-efficient of friction.
  • Thin and flexible for complicated shape applications.
  • Synthetic rubber backing. Adhesive available.

K-Slide Low Friction Lining Products & Fasteners

When you need to combat flow issues whilst providing basic wear, K-Slide is a tried and true choice. K-Slide Low Friction Lining offers low co-efficient of friction, abrasion and corrosion resistance. It is light weight and easy to work with. However, it cannot be used in continuous service above 85 degrees C, or where it is subject to large or sharp feed with high energy. K-Slide Low Friction Lining Products cover a wide range of grades to suit all applications considering abrasion resistance, impact strength, U.V. stabilized or having anti-static properties. A wide varying of thickness, sheet sizes are stocked at Kinder Australia.


  • Low co-efficient of friction PLUS basic wear protection.
  • Abrasion and corrosion resistance.
  • Wide range of thickness and sheet sizes.

K-Superline® Polyurethane Lining System is a unique proprietary Kryptane urethane wear liner, purposely engineered to meet the particular demands of specific materials. Simple to install, it can solve the issue of sliding abrasion, impact damage, sticking material, excessive corrosion and even loud noise from constant material impact. Compared with traditional steel, it is 85% lighter. This provides a huge advantage when it comes to installation and maintenance – Maintenance is relatively minor however; with longer lasting anti-wear protection and greater tear resistance. K-Superline® can significantly dampen noise, which is important in reduction of noise pollution and can reduce risk of Noise Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL). It produces 80% less noise than steel. K-Superline® is a stronger and more elastic version than all other outwardly similar polyurethane products. It is based on a patented chemical formula, with a modified molecular structure to alternative polyurethane materials.


  • Low co-efficient of friction PLUS high wear protection.
  • 85% lighter than steel.
  • 80% less noise than steel.

New to Kinder Australia, K-Floshield is solving those difficult, “violent material” situations. K-Floshield Polished High Chrome Liner is an extreme impact and abrasion resistant wear liner solution that solves blockage and hang up problems within a multitude of heavy-duty applications. Pre-polished, high strength chromium carbide top layer is fused onto a mild carbon steel base plate. The pre-polished top layer can withstand extreme abrasion and is ideal for applications where material carry back and wet/sticky conveyed material is a major concern. The combined polishing action delivered by the top layer and the highly abrasive bulk material qualities delivers a low co-efficient of friction and reductions in surface scratching. These unique properties further aid the slipperiness of the wear liner and thereby minimises the incidences of hang ups and blockages.


  • Low co-efficient of friction PLUS extreme wear protection.
  • Extreme impact applications for “violent” material.
  • Polished chromium carbide top layer. 5-6 times more wear resistant than steel.



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