Product: K-Slide Low Friction Lining Products

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Kinder Australia’s K-Slide Low Friction Lining Products offers an effective material flow solution in difficult bulk material handling applications.

Flow problems such as rat-holing, bridging and caking may be solved by the use of a low friction lining material. Blockages and flow problems may be encountered because of poor design and varying moisture content. Each lining application must be evaluated properly taking into account all aspects
of the material being handled. These factors determine the grade of the material used and the system used to install the liner.

K-Slide Low Friction Lining Products offer low co-efficiency of friction, abrasion and corrosion resistance. They are light weight and easy to work with. However they cannot be used in continuous service above 85 degrees C, or where they are subject to large or sharp feed with energy.

K-Slide Low Friction Lining Products cover a wide range of grades to suit all applications considering abrasion resistance, impact strength, U.V. stabilised or having anti-static properties. A wide varying of thickness, sheet sizes are stocked.

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