Product: K-Floshield High Polished Chrome Liner

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K-Floshield Polished High Chrome Liner is an extreme impact and abrasion resistant wear liner solution that solves blockage and hang up problems within a multitude of heavy-duty applications.

Pre-polished, high strength chromium carbide top layer is fused onto a mild carbon steel base plate.  The pre-polished top layer can withstand extreme abrasion and is ideal for applications where material carry back and wet/sticky conveyed material is a major concern.

K-Floshield maintains the efficiency, integrity and performance of processing bins, buckets, chutes, crushers, pugmills and other materials handling equipment.

The combined polishing action delivered by the top layer and the highly abrasive bulk material qualities delivers a low co-efficient of friction and reductions in surface scratching.  These unique properties further aid the slipperiness of the wear liner and thereby minimises the incidences of hang ups and blockages.

Highly versatile, K-Floshield comes in standard 1m x 3m plate size (other sizes available) and can be cut, welded, rolled and moulded into a multitude of shapes and sizes.

Key features:

  • High carbon, chromium-rich wear plate is 5-6 times more wear resistant than heat-treated steel and 5 times more resistant than stainless steel.
  • Extreme abrasion & impact resistance.
  • Customised sized plates to suit most requirements and applications.

Key benefits:

  • Resolves hang up and blockage problems.
  • Minimises production downtime, cleaning and maintenance costs.
  • Easy installation with studs, welds and bolts.
  • Extends the wear life of equipment.

Suitable Industry / Applications:

Cement – Chute liners, fan blades,

Coal – Feeding chute liners, hoppers.

Energy / Power – Liners for ash and slag pipes, dust collector inlets, hoppers, separators.

Mining – Chute liners, crusher parts, wear plates.

Steel – Hopper liners, bin liners, skip cars.

Recycling / Glass – Pugmills.

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