FRAS Grain Handling

FRAS Grain Handling

FRAS Certified Polyurethane

Fire, explosion and other high risk hazards usually occurs when grain dust and other combustible materials accumulate, become airborne and connect with ignition sources e.g hot bearings, motors or mistracking conveyor belts.

Neil Kinder, Kinder Australia’s Chief Executive Officer recently highlighted, “over the last 35 years high fire hazard industries particularly the grain industry has experienced more than 500 explosions globally, killing more than 180 people and injuring more than 675”.

A study early this year conducted by Grains Research and Development Corporation and Kondinin Group revealed approximately 7 percent of grain harvesters each year catch fire, and a staggering one in 10 causing damage to expensive machinery and/or surrounding crop (Source: Insurance Business, 3 January 2017)

“Fire risk mitigation requires careful planning and consideration within bulk materials handling operations, particularly the grain handling ’, says Mr Kinder.  “FRAS polyurethane certification is now a key requirement within bulk materials handling operations.  FRAS unique properties and formulation self-extinguishes meeting electrical resistance standards and is stringently tested to MDG3608, section 3.3 requirements”.

Mr Kinder continues to highlight, “Blue Polyurethane 83A FRAS certified polymer formulation delivers a highly durable, longer lasting wear and abrasion resistance characteristic”.  FRAS also provides an extra layer of protection against damage to expensive plant and equipment and helps to minimise and stop the spread of fire to nearby crops and other combustible material.

“FRAS K-Snap-Loc® Dust Seal System was installed at our customer site, an international leader in food ingredients and agribusiness”.  “Following Kinder’s recommendation to replace their ½ inch FRAS rubber skirting to overcome the issues of material spillage”.  “Since installation, our grain handling customer has seen an immediate and ongoing reduction in maintenance costs, not to mention an extension of the existing skirting’s wear life and significant reduction in fire hazard at the customers grain handling operation.”

FRAS Certified Polyurethane is available on selected Kinder conveyor componentry and material flow solutions, call our helpful Sales Engineering Team to discuss your specific requirements.

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