K-Commander, Conveyor Belt Tracking

Quarry Maintenance Team confirmed K-Commander® Self Centring Idler 100% fixed our ongoing conveyor belt tracking and maintenance problems immediately

Our customer specialises in quarrying high quality basalt products and is renowned as a leader in sourcing aggregates and other bulk materials to clients across Northwest Victoria.

Initial discussions with the quarry operator highlighted frustration and costly conveyor skirting replacement issues due to the regular belt tracking challenges experienced on site.  During wet weather conditions, too much water on the conveyed rocks caused the conveyor belt to misalign.

The resulting impact of the conveyor belt rearing off centre caused significant material spillage and damage to the existing conveyor belt and polyurethane skirting.  Production down-time and operational profitability was also compromised due to the additional monthly costs and maintenance time necessary to replace the damaged conveyor skirting.

Familiar with the reliability and innovation of Kinder Australia’s conveyor componentry product line up, the quarry maintenance team without question turned to Kinder Australia.  At the onset Kinder’s team of conveyor experts were responsive and addressed the sites main belt tracking issue, whilst simultaneously boosting productivity and wear life of existing conveyor skirting.

K-Commander® Self Centring Idler was elected and installed on site, with its unique engineered action of the central ball and socket link, enclosed in the rubber covered steel tube, ensured the belt will run true and centre.  The added cost advantages of lagging replacement and reconditioning feature was also a drawcard for selecting the K-Commander® Self Centring Idler.  The whole installation process was simple, efficient and cost-effective with minimal down-time during the implementation.


  • Belt tracking runs true and centre
  • Improved productivity and profitability
  • Longer wear life of conveyor skirting
  • Reduction in clean-up costs and production down-time

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