Case Study: K-Polymer® Conveyor Rollers

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Previous Problem

“The Yallourn Power Station commenced operations in 1974 with four generating units commissioned between 1974 and 1982. Every hour 2,400 tonnes of brown coal is used to boil water into superheated steam to drive four turbine generators.

“Given the intensity of our operations, we would have a regular change out of 50 steel rollers per month, on conveyors rising from ground floor to 14th floor in the power station. Access is very steep and long, so with steel rollers typically weighing 12kg each it was becoming a manual handling issue with an ageing workforce”


“The Sales Engineering team at Kinder Australia looked at our operations and suggested the change to light weight polymer roller.  Now that we have trialed them successfully we could never go back to steel rollers because we know how extremely capable and reliable the polymer rollers are. It was a brilliant solution to our manual handling issue.

Two further benefits of using Kinder Australia’s polymer rollers is that they minimise our fire risk when compared to steel rollers – this is critical to us with fire being our major risk.

In summary the K-Polymer Conveyor Rollers are a cost effective solution, they are economically viable and also recyclable. Another positive is that the polymer rollers create much less noise so our general working environment has improved, and everyone is very delighted about that!”

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