Case Study: K-Protector® Return Idler Guard

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Previous Problem

Australian Standard AS 4024.3610 states that “Guards shall be designed to prevent injury to persons and shall be provided at every dangerous part of a conveyor normally accessible to personnel.”

Previously, fabricated steel mesh guards have been used at such pinch points. They were found to be very cumbersome and heavy, weighing on average 8kgs, and would often require 2 people to remove the mesh cover for routine maintenance.  Attempts to properly clean a mesh style guard would also be ineffective.


An important practical benefit of using the K-Protector® Return Idler Guard is that its lightweight, making it easy enough to be handled by one person to install or remove for maintenance.

“All of Kinder Australia’s safety products are 100% reliable – you know they meet Australian Standards.”

“We found Kinder Australia’s K-Protector® so easy to install because it just fitted on to our existing roller brackets.”

“We value our workforce. Using the K-Protector® Return Idler Guard means we have a workplace that is not only safer but more productive as well.”