Case Study: K-Redi-Liner® Ceramic

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Founded in 1947, our customer is a long established local company, supplying a wide range of high quality premixed concrete and quarry products to the building and construction industry in Wagga Wagga and surrounding areas.

“Previously we had used hardened steel plating to line this impact area at the start of the screen load zone. We used steel because it has always been considered the toughest and best material to cope with the high abrasion levels caused by the high volume of rocks.

We would routinely need to change the steel plating on average every 6 months, shutting down the entire belt operation so that our maintenance crew could weld on a new plate.”


“When the Kinder Australia Applications Engineers suggested that we try the K-Redi-Liner® lining panels I was quite doubtful that they would be able to replace the steel plate.

However straightaway I was impressed by how easy they were to bolt on – much quicker and needing less manpower than the steel plate. And the individual panels are very effective because they can be placed only in areas of high-wear with no modifications required.

It’s coming up to 2 and half years now since we first installed the K-Redi-Liner® and I couldn’t be more delighted in how they have performed. Less stoppages means our productivity output rates have increased so we can meet customer demand quicker.”

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