With the ability to cover a wide range of different applications, including wet and fine materials, Kinder Australia’s K-Conveyor Pulleys can provide a specialised solution that is engineered for purpose.

A one-size-fits-all approach can potentially result in poor productivity and/or belt slippage. K-Conveyor Pulleys are designed and built for maximum service life and fit for purpose application. They are manufactured against customer specification or using the latest software to ensure infinite equipment life.

Protect your pulley shells from belt slippage with Kinder’s range of Conveyor Pulley Lagging. Our range is suitable for high wear, high tension, contaminated and/or wet operating environments to increase conveyor drive efficiency and prevention of belt slip. Shafts are designed to comply with AS1403.

Have a chat to our field specialists and engineers to find out what will best suit your application.

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