Product: Conveyor Pulley Lagging: Rubber & Ceramic

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Function and Applications

For high wear, high tension, contaminated and/or wet operating environments to increase conveyor drive efficiency and prevention of belt slip.  Arrowhead Ceramic provides increased grip between conveyor pulley and conveyor belt under conditions beyond the capacity of normal rubber lagging.  It provides high levels of resistance to abrasion, displaces water and fugitive material that would otherwise cause belt slip.  Protects the pulley shells from wear.

Key Benefits:

  • 250mm wide strips with 82mm repeating pattern for cost-effective installation and pattern matching.
  • Available with both FRAS and natural rubber grades in thickness of 10mm, 12mm, 16mm and 20mm.
  • Each ceramic tile is encased by rubber on five sides ensuring superior bond.
  • Significantly improved drive values enable reductions in take up weights thus increasing belt and splice life.  Arrowhead Ceramic lagging provides a geared drive effect to difficult conveyors.
  • Superior water shedding from the Arrowhead Pattern.
  • Supplied pre-buffed on both edges and bonding face for ease of installation and accurate T.I.R.
  • Bonding layer of neoprene rubber ensures superior bond between pulley shell and lagging.

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