Exclusive to Kinder, the Essential AIR Seal Dust Containment Combination is the latest assemblage of top end conveyor skirting, sealing and belt support solutions. The Essential AIR Seal is backed by proven engineered technology that promises to deliver industry benchmark, unmatched dust-free, contactless skirting and sealing to where it’s most needed – at critical transfer points.

Suited for all bulk materials handling applications, particularly the harshest mining/extractive industries. Dust emissions, material spillage, carry back and associated OHS hazards can be significantly eliminated by installing Kinder’s innovative Essential AIR Seal, creating a highly productive, efficient, and safe workplace.

The Essential AIR Seal Dust Containment Combination is as follows:

AirScrape® is a highly effective contact-free conveyor skirting and sealing system that acts as a side seal, suspended over the conveyor belt. With its unique diagonal arrangement of hardened lamellae, air is led from the outside into the middle of the belt, creating powerful air suction.

The TailScrape proprietary and intelligent blade structure on the underside ensures a negative pressure environment within the conveying area. The negative pressure created prevents dust and other material spillage from escaping through the millimetre-thick gap by up to 100%

K-Shield Dynamax Combi Impact Bed
Featuring a Tapered Skirt Support Zone, roller brush innovation and “IDS” Independent Dynamic Suspension. The engineered design allows each twin centre impact roller to move independently of the other impact rollers and the Static Slider Rails provide optimal belt support at transfer points.

K-Containment® Seal
A high performance, low friction engineered polyurethane system that provides exceptional resistance to wear. The slotted arrangement allows for installation adjustment to ensure that material cannot be entrapped leading to premature belt damage.

K-Sure® Belt Support System
Designed to provide a consistent and stable support for the troughed belt profile by reducing the number of rotating components, K-Sure® Belt Support System eliminates any belt edge sag and therefore increases the effectiveness of the skirting seal.

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