A misaligned conveyor belt can be a real setback for you and your site.

As the belt wanders, the edge of the conveyor is at risk of damage as well as the conveyor structure. This also poses a great OHS risk with the increase of spillage and entanglement.

It’s a costly and interruptive productivity issue, and Kinder is here to fix it.

Ideally a pivoting, self-centralising, belt training system, which rotates freely when the belt experiences mistracking behaviour should be installed.
Other options include fixed tracking solutions without rotating structure.

K-Commander® Prime Tracker

  • All-direction tracking.
  • Flexible 360ᵒ rotational capacity.
  • Separate axial and rotational function.

K-Commander® Control Series

  • Return side conveyor belt tracking.
  • Central ball and socket link encased in a rubber covered steel tube.
  • Unique engineered solution.

K-Commander® Direct Series

  • Pivoting base style.
  • Better tracking performance in heavy duty applications.
  • Available in both trough and return applications.

K-Commander® Tracking Discs

  • Easy installation. No need to remove rollers.
  • High wear resistant grade of Polyurethane.
  • No damage to belt edges.

K-Commander® Guide Series INV

  • All purpose, suited to short centred or reversing conveyor applications.
  • Limits belt damage and controls spillage.
  • Available for all belt widths.

For more information on your specific requirements, contact Kinder Australia on +61 38587 9111 or email Kinder