Conveyor Belt Edge Sag

The weight pressure of transferred material load causes conveyors to sag in between the supporting idlers. Most commonly this is seen at the transfer point of the conveyor system, with the formation of a gap between the belt and the skirting.

Belt Edge Sag leads to:

  • Material Spillage
  • Risk to Personal Safety
  • Increased Maintenance Costs
  • Increased Operating Costs

Good belt support and material retainment can be achieved by correctly supporting the belt from underneath at the transfer point so that the line of travel remains consistent and flat.
Ensure your belt remain supported with Kinder Australia’s range of conveyor belt support options.

K-Sure® Belt Support System K-Sure® Belt Support System

·         Consistent & Stable

·         Reduced Number of Rotating Components

·         No Pre-Engineering, Adjustments or Special Tools

K-Flexal® Elastic Belt Support System

·         Flexible and Elongated Design

·         Cross Belt Polyurethane Elastic Straps

·         Better Absorption of Energy & Weight Distribution

K-Dynamic Impact Belt Support System K-Dynamic Impact Belt Support System

·         Energy Absorbing Mounts in Impact Zone

·         Fixed Wings for Effective Skirting

·         Low Friction UHMWPE Slider Rails

K-Shield Impact Belt Support System

·         Rigid Cradle for Extra Support

·         No Moving Parts – Low Maintenance

·         Energy Absorbing Impact Bars


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