Product: K-Shield Dynamax® Impact Belt Support System

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K-Shield Dynamax® Impact Belt Support System improves material containment at the conveyor’s transfer point in very high impact applications.

Repeated impact from heavy lumps, long drop heights or lumps with sharp edges can potentially cause damage to the belt top cover. The centre of the K-Shield® Dynamax Impact Bed is suspended on anti-vibration mounts which significantly reduces the risk of belt damage.   The K-Shield Dynamax Impact Belt Support System features elastic properties that can effectively reduce the full force of the material stream compared to Impact Idlers or a conventional impact cradle.

The belt is supported on low friction, 30mm thick UHMWPE rails.  Statically mounted wings provide a sag free region allowing an effective seal between the conveyor skirting system and belt.

The K-Shield Dynamax® Impact Belt Support System also delivers a simple drop-in replacement for existing impact idlers.  Each system is specifically engineered to match height and profile of the existing idlers.

Key Design Features:

  • Engineered to suit all bulk materials handling applications, particularly extreme mining environments.
  • No rotating parts
  • Modular design
  • Energy absorbing mounts in impact zone
  • Fixed wings for effective skirting
  • Low friction UHMWPE Slider rails
  • Available in all belt widths

K-Shield Dynamax® Impact Belt Support System editorial featured in Quarry Magazine.

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