Kinder Australia are proud to share their newest customer success story. In January 2021, Kinder Australia assisted with a Victorian Quarry client to rectify some of their onsite dust related issues. Read the entire case study here.


☁️   Address OHS hazards related to excessive dust emissions.

☁️   Protection of conveyed materials from heavy rain and other extreme weather conditions.

☁️   Dust settling on the inside of the belt contributed to conveyor drive slippage.

A proven, cost-effective and high performing dust suppression solution was ideally sought by this Quarry operator.

BEFORE: Excessive dust emissions located at VSI Transfer Site


K-AllShelter® Capotex Conveyor Covers – Classic were chosen for their lightweight, high strength and easy to install features. Future conveyor maintenance is made simple and hassle free due to the conveyor covers being hinged on both sides and Caposafe Service Prop, also procured by the Quarry provided quick access inside the conveyor covers for repair and maintenance work.

“During periods of heavy rain, the conveyor now shows no signs of slippage, this was problematic in the past.
K-AllShelter® Capotex Conveyor Covers now keep our belt dry and has solved our dust issues”.

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