K-Deblinding Rods, Screening Media, Conveyor Screening

K-Deblinding Rods act as the secret weapon for keeping bulk materials flowing during the screening process.

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Vibrating mesh screens can be exposed to frequent “build up or blinding”, moisture accumulation within mesh.  This means product gets stuck and fails to progress through to the next step in the production process.  Neglect and failures by site operational personnel in keeping screen meshes clean can halt the screening process and worst case result in a complete production shutdown.

K-Deblinding Rods

Optimal Screening Productivity & Efficiency.  Featuring elastic polyurethane rods that are fixed to the screen, this type of screening media takes advantage of the machine’s vibration to move and bounce on the surface of the mesh, avoiding particles wedging and blinding screen.

To avoid tangling of separated K-Deblinding Rods, they are joined using separators according to the number of mobile rods.

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Have your screens been neglected and your site experiences frequent production down-time due to build-up or blinding and you’re keen to maximise productivity and minimise costs?

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