Material carryback is a real issue for conveyors. Excess material sticking to the underside of the return belt beyond the discharge point at the head pulley – we’ve all seen it time and time again. So how do we ditch the dirt?

By finding the Belt Cleaning System combination that works for you!

Here are some reasons why material carryback prevention is needed:
⚙️ Roller and/or conveyor damage
⚙️ Belt misalignment
⚙️ Dust pollution
⚙️ Risk to personal safety
… and the associated cost and time!

Carryback build up on conveyor hardware causes belt mistracking, conveyor belt and structural damage. This is a major cause of material spillage. Fugitive material may bury idlers, conveyor components, or structural supports, requiring expensive clean-up labour and replacement parts.

The common types of cleaners on the market can be broken down into three categories: pre-cleanersprimary and secondary cleaners.

Primary cleaners remove the majority of carryback material on the belt, typically around 60 to 80 per cent. The primary cleaner is not designed to assist with material discharge and should only remove product that has adhered to the belt.

As the name suggest, pre-cleaners are installed before a primary cleaner and are used to remove extremely cohesive or wet materials. Typically, these do not contact the belt and help extend the life of the primary cleaner.

Secondary cleaners are tasked to remove the finer carryback that remains on the belt after passing through the primary cleaner. Tertiary cleaners are installed further downstream of the head pulley and take the form of brushes, spray systems, beater rollers and self-cleaning return rollers.

It is worth noting that in some applications, multiple secondary or tertiary cleaners may be installed. The number of cleaners boils down to the properties of the bulk material and level of cleanliness desired.

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