Introducing Cameron Portelli, Senior Mechanical Engineer at Kinder Australia. Cameron has been at the company since 2017, and manages the engineering department. 2020 has brought on many challenges for our engineering team, and for Cameron that has especially meant perfecting his delegation skills and getting used to new IT features and communication options with extra practice. He says “Using video conferencing as engineers has brought us so much closer to our clients and the issues they face.”

Not travelling to the office has meant that Cameron has been able to cherish valuable time with family, although working at home with kids has certainly had its ups and downs! Cam has also been able to use his extra time to fulfil his automotive passions – ordering car parts on eBay and enjoying working on his 1971 XY Falcon.

When it comes to discussing challenges that customers have faced with the COVID-19 pandemic, Cameron says they’re much the same as what is being experienced at Kinder. “As engineers, I feel as though we are getting closer to helping customers solve their issues directly” says Cameron “Whether it be transfer optimization or tracking issues, it’s not just the Sales team on the road having all the fun!”

For the engineering team, simple things such as offering CAD models, as well as general placement and setting up advice has been invaluable. At the end of the day, the aim is to make information as easy and accessible as possible for the customer.

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