Belt Misalignment

How conveyor systems can help operators maintain PHYSICAL DISTANCING.


If the belt isn’t tracking properly it can cause spillage, wastage, dust pollution and compromised safety conditions.

It’s important that conveyor operators maintain physical distancing while on-site to reduce the risk of infection from coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

To ensure the health and safety of operators and maintenance crew, conveyors should be operating so that physical distancing is engineered into the design.  If the system is operating and maintained correctly the need for re-configuring and adjusting conveyor frames and pulleys is greatly reduced.  This obviously minimises the need for operators and maintenance crew from cleaning up or adjusting these mechanical conveyor components.

Operators commonly fix tracking issues by adjusting idlers and pulleys, but these are Band-Aid solutions that create further problems that require additional maintenance, which potentially compromises physical distancing guidelines.  So, before adjusting idlers and pulleys, operators should try to establish and correct the cause of mistracking.

There are many potential causes of belt misalignment – conveyor structural damage, off centre loading, jammed rollers or damaged idler frames, just to name a few.  Fixing the root cause of the misalignment will ensure the system runs more efficiently and reduce the need to have people working on and monitoring the plant.


  • Designed to promote correct conveyor belt alignment without manual adjustment.
  • Intended only for the return side, which most often has the greatest ability for the carry side to run true.
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Lagging can be replaced/reconditioned
  • Available in single or reversing models.
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In these times, when maintaining physical distancing is health and safety non-negotiable, this should be a core objective for all operators.  Our complete conveyor belt tracking solutions, including K-Commander® can help your operations meet today’s physical distancing regulations.  For more information email [email protected]

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