A  leading International supplier of high-quality steel products was faced with the challenges of:

  • Continued conveyor belt damage causing premature roller destruction and failures.
  • Escalating belt repair and replacement costs.
  • Maintenance resources and costs allocated towards frequent belt replacement and repairs.

In 2017, it was proposed the site install the innovative K-Flexal® Elastic Belt Support System to address the operations significant belt and roller damage issues.

K-Flexal® Elastic Belt Support System was installed and has effectively solved these problems by providing elasticity to absorb shock and the full force of the impacts.  A team of Engineers also designed special hanging supports to support the polyurethane elastic straps.

After two years of service, the client has reported positive outcomes from the installation.  K-Flexal® Elastic Belt Support System continues to deliver superior belt protection, support and extends the wear life of critical conveyor components.  There are initial plans to equip other parts of the operation with K-Flexal® straps of greater length and capacities.


WATCH K-Flexal® Elastic Belt Support System VIDEO

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