K-Redi-Liner Anti-Wear Liners

K-Redi-Liner® Anti-Wear Liners – Ready for MAXIMUM PRODUCTIVITY 


For most bulk materials handling operations, the NEW YEAR also brings new on-site challenges and productivity targets to hit!!

Are your conveyor transfer points, chute areas, screen discharge points and bin liners exposed to constant high impact, harsh and extreme bulk material loads, resulting in significant damage and abrasive wear?

The SOLUTION is K-Redi-Liner® Anti-Wear liners, available for use within a multitude of industries and surfaces.  Designed specifically to reduce abrasive wear, extend wear protection and provide impact resistance within the most punishing transfer load zones and particularly within conveyor chutes.

For an effective chute/transfer point solution, it should tick all the boxes:

# 1  Modular, bolt-in system can be arranged in any wear pattern.
# 2  Lightweight compared to steel liners
# 3  Delivers significant noise reduction within impacted areas
# 4  Cost savings, easy to install, replace only what’s needed not the entire liner.

K-Redi-Liner® is available in a range of hardness durometers, formulas to suit diverse applications as well as embedded alumina ceramics for extreme applications.

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Here’s what our long list happy of customers are saying about K-Redi-Liner® Anti Wear Liners

“Straightaway I was impressed by how easy they were to bolt on – much quicker and needing less manpower than the steel plate”

“It’s coming up to 2 and half years now since we first installed the K-Redi-Liners and I couldn’t be more delighted in how they have performed.  Less stoppages means our productivity output rates have increased so we can meet customer demand quicker.”

“The K-Redi Liner® Ceramic Lining System has lasted for over 3 years. It is so much better than the Hardox panels that I used previously and has far exceeded my expectations.”

“Since fitting them not only has the noise levels reduced dramatically, which was their primary need, but the installation of the panels was very easy.  From a maintenance perspective, getting access to confined areas has very specific challenges, let alone the complication of a heavy steel liner”

Talk to our team of Field Applications Specialists/Engineers who are highly skilled at formulating effective Anti-Wear and Material Flow solutions that promotes continuous on-site productivity and extends the wear life of chutes and transfer points..

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