K-Conlock® Clamp System – The Key to Unlock ‘Confined Spaces’

Working and performing maintenance work in potentially unsafe environments such as inside chutes and hoppers may require permits before entering these “confined” areas.

Kinder’s innovation in skirting maintenance, the K-Conlock® Clamp System removes the maintenance issues & OHS risks associated with working in “confined spaces”.  The advantages of flexibility in changing out skirting from the outside in a matter of minutes reduces production down time and promotes continuous productivity.

K-Conlock® Clamp System is installed and accessed from outside the transfer point, eliminates OHS issues and the need for anyone to put their hands in often hard to reach, confined areas.

Skirting seals such as K-Containment Seal can easily be clamped between the chute wall and K-Conlock® Clamp System locking plate – adjustments to the assembly can be made from the outside, without being completed disassembled…..saving maintenance time and resources!

Key Features:

  • Safer conveyor skirting system with quick and simple change out, often in minutes
  • Allows easy access to K-Containment Seal adjusting bolts from outside the chute without removing the locking plate on the K-Conlock® Clamp System
  • Cheaper ongoing skirting replacement costs compared to K-Snap-Loc® Dust Seal System

Key Benefits:

  • Improved Safety & OHS Hazards Eliminated
  • Improved Efficiency
  • Minimise production down time
  • Reduced Maintenance Costs and Resources



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