At Kinder Australia we very mindful of our community and as part of the Kinder’s ongoing commitment to supporting charitable/non-profit organisations Kinder staff members were all given this unique opportunity to submit 2 charities of choice for consideration to receive a donation to help with addressing the community’s needs.

“Charity nominations received hold a special place in the hearts of Kinder staff members, whether it be through the connection of family, friends and colleagues directly affected by illness or just their way of shining a spotlight on important social issues such as mental health for example”, says Christine Kinder, Marketing Manager – Kinder Australia.

Entries were deliberated by Kinder management and without further ado..

The Charity Winners are…..drum roll please….

  • Beyond Blue
  • Leukaemia Foundation
  • Lost Dogs Home
  • Melbourne City Mission
  • Pancare Foundation
  • Rare Voices
  • Red Cross
  • Salvation Army
  • The Variety Children’s Charity

“It’s Kinder Australia’s 6th year involvement with The Variety Children’s Charity and through our sponsorship of the Energy Australia – Variety Vic Bash 2018, Kinder is proud to be part of this charity that helps the lives of children and families disadvantaged by sickness and disability”, says Kinder.

On behalf of all us at Kinder Australia we would like to recognise the dedication and achievements of each of the listed charities/non-profit organisations.  The charities selected hold strong reputations for serving our community, providing support, making significant positive impacts to the daily lives of people affected and disadvantaged by illness and not to mention valuable funds directed towards research.

Kinder says, “it’s all about strengthening our ties and engagement with our community through purposeful giving…we are confident the generous donations will go towards positive and innovative outcomes that contribute to enriching our communities and inciting broader social change”.

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