K-Containment Seal, Material Spillage Solution

K-Containment Seal Conveyor Skirting

K-Containment® Seal Kinder’s first line of defence against material spillage.

Celebrating 70 successful years in the concrete industry, our customer has developed a stable and reliable source of ready mix concrete, aggregate and other related bulk materials to Auckland’s growing demands, seeing its operations grow to nine branches across New Zealand.


  • Excessive spillage
  • Excessive clean-up costs
  • Belt Tracking Issues

A thorough evaluation of the sites inefficiencies was conducted and assessed.  Due to its unsurpassed resistance to wear qualities Kinder Australia’s K-Containment® Seal skirting solution was recommended and implemented.


  • Elimination of material spillage
  • Elimination of clean-up cost and time
  • Customers product expectations exceeded
  • Improved productivity and profitability

Satisfactory reports from the concrete batching plant highlight K-Containment® Seal exceptional product performance and its effectiveness in controlling material spillage, with maintenance crew commenting “virtually no spillage evident around the skirting area”.  Cleaning up and dumping excessive material spillage costs have now been eliminated and plant production levels have returned to normal.

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