conveyor clamp system, K-Conlock® Clamp System

Clamp System

It’s a new year and with it brings the opportunity to tackle the safety and damaging effects of material spillage – from loss of productivity, profitability and long term viability of your operations…it’s time to take action!

The costs of not dealing with material spillage can escalate rapidly not to mention the loss of productivity due to shutdowns.  To help minimise these recurring operational challenges Kinder’s newest tool – K-Conlock Clamp delivers a simple, effective and reliable solution to all your dust and material spillage problems.   When used in conjunction with K-Containment Seal can optimise your productivity and reduce operational costs.

How does it work?

K-Conlock Clamp System is easy to install and adjust, does not require special tools to maintain correct seal pressure, and incorporates a design modification to now allow access to the outer face of the slotted arrangement, designed for optimal product usage whilst in operation.

Key Features:

  • Suitable for both trough conveyors and flat feeders
  • Various types of soft skirting including K-Superskirt® can be interchanged and retained using the K-Conlock Clamp System

Key Benefits

  • Cheaper ongoing skirting replacement costs compared to K-Snap-Loc®
  • Easy access to K-Containment Seal adjusting bolts from outside the chute without removing the locking plate of the K-Conlock Clamp System.

In 2017, we’re more than ever focused on making your operations cleaner, safer, more efficient and more profitable!  CONTACT US

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