Dust and spillage continue to be an area of concern and employers must be vigilant to protect staff from the hazards of ineffective conveyor management.  The critical component in any conveyor transfer point is an effective sealing system.  The seal should be located where the material is being loaded and continue to where it becomes stable.  This is the last position to effectively control spillage and dust.

K–Containment Seal is used to enhance the effectiveness of the outer seal or skirting when the loading area is properly supported.  In many cases the outer flexible seal is ineffective in controlling spillage as an unsupported belt trying to contain the full weight of material load would be inadequate.  To effectively contain bulk material the K–Containment Seal should be installed inside the chute to handle high internal chute pressure and reduce the load on the skirting seal.

The engineered polyurethane system offers exceptional resistance to wear.  The slotted arrangement allows for installation adjustment to ensure that material cannot be entrapped leading to premature belt damage.  K-Superskirt®, is a long-life conveyor skirting product which is designed to seal conveyor transfer points in environments from wet clay to iron ore.  With 60% less coefficient of friction than rubber, K-Superskirt® has been field tested to give 8 to 10 times the life of standard 60 duro skirting.  In addition to significantly increasing skirting life, the reduced friction also reduces drag, reducing motor energy requirements and improving drive life, offering further maintenance benefits.

Obviously, belt damage is also a major maintenance concern with any conveyor system. Normal skirt rubber requires constant adjustment as it wears out. The increased skirting life offered by K-Superskirt® means fewer adjustments, which results in more available maintenance hours to carry out important preventative maintenance tasks and tackle the bigger maintenance issues.

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