K-Snap-Loc® Dust Seal System - The Essential Seal Combination

Our quarry customer operates a busy concrete production plant.  A transfer point located on one of their existing conveyor systems is situated in an awkward area for gaining reasonable access, inside/ underneath a drive-over bin.  This was making the completion of any maintenance task such as the removal of spillage, very complicated.

Our customer had used SBR Black skirting rubber to surround the chute.  However it was performing poorly and wasn’t containing the transferred sand and aggregate material effectively.  Spillage would find its way onto the inside of the belt and subsequently cause tracking issues, which would result in further spillage and downtime in order to clean-up the area and keep it hazard-free.

Ongoing adjustment of the skirt rubber required numerous bolts to be undone, adding further inefficiencies to ongoing maintenance.

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