Conveyor Belt Tracking

Conveyor Belt Tracking

5 Simple and Effective Conveyor Belt Tracking Upgrades

Keeping the conveyed material on the belt and avoiding spillage and leakage is a principle function of plant productivity and efficiency.  So achieving perfect conveyor belt alignment under all operating conditions is a principle function of good conveyor hardware and conveyor structure.

In an unperfect plant environment sometime structure is damaged.  Loads change direction and conveyor belt irregularities creep in over time.

Having the right type of belt tracking components to suit your conveyor belt’s speed, trough angle and degree of incline can make the world of difference – and is a site specific investment that is affordable and will see immediate results.

Choosing the right type of belt tracking conveyor hardware to correct belt wander can be an educated process but here is a list 5 component upgrade choices for you to consider.

  1. The self-centring idler – K-Commander

As the name suggests, the K-Commander idler is designed to promote correct conveyor belt alignment without manual adjustment.  The K-Commander is intended only for the return side of the conveyor belt, which most often has the greatest ability for the carry side to run true.  Installation of 1 or 2 sets of the K-Commander is recommended for the return side of the belt approaching the tail pulley.

  1. The combined belt cleaner and belt tracking roller – K-Spiral Cleaning and Tracking Roller (and K-Vee Return Spiral Cleaning and Tracking Idler)

Another maintenance free solution on the return belt, but this resilient and wear resistant polyurethane K-Spiral Cleaning and Tracking Roller helps to clean off sticky carry back and assists in centring the conveyor belt.  The mining, quarrying and process industries will find this beneficial where build-up on return rollers is the main cause of mis-tracking.  Installation is recommended over the discharge chute or a collection hopper.  The K-Vee Return Spiral cleaning and Tracking Idler is suitable for specialised vee shaped return belt conveyor systems.

  1. The heavy duty side guide roller – K-HD Polyurethane Guide Roller

The unique concave design of the K-HD Polyurethane Guide Rollers utilises a triple labyrinth seal to ensure long operation life even in harsh environments.  The polyurethane side guide roller promotes stability for even the highest speed conveyor belt as it helps force a wandering belt back down onto the rollers.  Ideal installation is at locations of reoccurring mistacking.

  1. Safety mistracking switch – Safe-T-Drift Misalignment Switch

Made for high speed conveyed material applications, this belt tracking component differs from the other device choices because it is a safety switch providing a warning alarm and trip mechanism.  Its arm is triggered by contact and stops the belt from moving.  The Safe-T-Drift is made with robust, flame retardant, non-corrosive plastic to IP67 for long maintenance free operation.  It is also fully sealed with an external dust protecting boot.  Installation is required in pairs on either side of the belt, but the number of switches recommended is dependent on the length of the conveyor.

  1. Side roller trackers – MTD Disc Tracker

The MTD Disc Tracker is a high performance economical means to track and align a wandering conveyor belt, suitable for most installations and applications.  It fits both flat and vee return rollers as well as troughing rollers.  Ideally they are located in pairs prior to the tail pulley to help align the conveyor belt, and so eliminating spillage from tracking belts.  They can also be installed after the feed area on the troughing sets to help keep the belt aligned.  The MTD Disc Tracker is very simple to install and offers high wear resistance, and so not damaging the belt.

With either one, or a combination of these belt tracking components introduced to your belt conveyor, you will notice the consistent and sustainable performance improvement from this simple upgrade effort.

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