Conveyor Belt Cleaner Blade Change-out Video

Conveyor Belt Cleaner Blade Change-out Video

We were on site recently when one of our customers had scheduled maintenance on one of their conveyors to change out the blade on an Eraser Primary Conveyor Belt Cleaner.  We were there to capture the moment – and press the stop watch!  Watch this 3 minute video and see how simple and quick the change out procedure is – CLICK HERE.

When choosing a belt cleaner to suit your particular application, consider also the natural variances in product moisture content and the percentages of fines, bulk density and abrasive characteristics.  An effective belt cleaner should tick all of these boxes:

  • be fit-for purpose and add value to your production;
  • practically fit your structural dimensions;
  • be easily adjustable and simple to maintain; and
  • has replacement parts within your budget and are accessible promptly.

If you are currently selecting a belt cleaning system, or if you already have belt cleaners installed on your conveyor, we can visit your material handling facility and inspect their performance to check that you are getting optimal usage from your unit.

Attached is an article we have published called “Troubleshooting Belt Cleaners” which you might want to read (CLICK HERE).
If you don’t already have an Eraser Primary Belt Cleaning System installed, here are Eraser customer product reviews (CLICK HERE).

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