Product: K-Slip Rubber Backed UHMWPE Wear Liner

The K-Slip Rubber Backed UHMWPE Wear Liner is a low co-efficient of friction thin polyethylene lining material, with a synthetic rubber backing (SBR). The thin flexibility of Kinder Australia’s K-Slip Rubber Backed UHMWPE Wear Liner allows almost any complicated shape to be lined including bins, hoppers and chutes, providing a reliable and effective uniform surface and therefore improve the controlled rate of flow. The application to a metal surface is by normal cold rubber bonding.

The flow of very fine particles, although not a high wear problem, does present a new challenge in the way in which it flows, or importantly, not flows. Fine non-abrasive particles having passed through the crushing and grinding circuit, may be required to flow through complicated shaped chutes where restricted head room limits the advantage of effective chute design. Lining with a conventional low friction material can be difficult to install in these complicated transition and confined points. Round corners and acute angles do not fix well with fasteners; in fact they often provide another point on which the material can bridge.

When handling mineral concentrates especially, these material types tend to hang up on any surface and at any angle.  Kinder Australia’s K-Slip Rubber Backed UHMWPE Wear Liner has been used successfully to overcome many of these flow problems.

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K-Slip Rubbed Backed UHMWPE Wear Liner Liner editorial featured in Bulk Inside.

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