Product: Kinder Tilt Switches

Kinder Tilt Switches are used for high bin level indication, plugged conveyor transfer or chute point detection, crusher bowl control, conveyor loss of feed indication, conveyor belt drift indication and boom and stacker height regulation.  They can be used as a “stand alone” micro switch operation with built-in time delay.

Key Features:

  • IP66/IP68 rated
  • High Bin level indication and/or control
  • Plugged conveyor transfer point detection
  • Plugged chute detection
  • Crusher bowl level indication and/or control
  • Conveyor loss of feed indication and/or control
  • Boom stackers
  • Radial stackers
  • Magnetic internal slug
  • IP68 Gland cable entry
  • Earth body
  • Body material CPVC
  • Stainless Steel hanger
  • 1” BSP socket
  • Ex version available
  • Custom application available, contact Kinder.

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