Product: K-Slide UHMWPE Low Friction Liner & Fastener

K-Slide UHMWPE is a low friction lining material with good abrasion resistance and excellent corrosion resistance.

Reducing wall friction is the key to solving many common materials flow issues, such as bridging, rat-holing and caking.  K-Slide UHMWPE Low Friction Liner may improve flow in poorly optimised bin/chute designs or applications with varying moisture content.

K-Slide UHMWPE is available in a range of grades, thickness and sheet sizes to cover many applications with anti-static and U.V. stabilised options also available.

K-Slide can be supplied in stock sheet sizes or cut to size using precision CNC machining with counterbored or countersunk holes if required.

Precision cut liners ensures easy change out as new replacement liners be a direct replacement utilising existing holes/studs in the steel work.

Applications that involve high impact energy or that require extreme abrasion resistance should consider K-Floshield High Polished Chrome Liner.

Key Features:

  • Low friction surface for improved flow characteristics.
  • Anti-static and U.V. stabilised options available.
  • CNC machining available.
  • Easy installation with K-Slide Cap Head Bolts.
  • Zinc plated or stainless-steel fasteners for corrosion resistance.

For the K-Slide Fastener application to be effective, it is a requirement that the Counterbore together with the through-hole be correctly sized.

K-Slide UHWMPE Fasteners

Fastening of K-Slide to a steel bin, chute or hopper can be achieved by using Kinder’s K-Slide Cap Head Bolts.

The bolt head is a firm fit into a counterbored hole in the liner. When fully assembled the head finishes flush with the lining surface reducing areas where material can build up.

Refer to Kinder installation guide for recommendations regarding bolting pattern.

  • All K-Slide Fasteners are supplied with flat washer, spring washer and nut.
  • Stainless steel available as an option.
  • Fastener supplied with zinc plated finish.
  • K-Slide coated bolts available in natural (white) or black.

Kinder provided counterbore tools and coated bolts are designed to result in consistent counterboring with optimal head setting.

Dimensions for non-standard bolts can be requested from Kinder.

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