Case Study: K-Containment® Seal

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Previous Problem

Our customer operates a sugar mill that is one of the longest continuously functioning works in New Zealand and is an important industrial landmarks.   Built in 1884, the refinery site on the north side of the Waitemata Harbour is ideal because of its deep water close to the shore, and it has a processing capacity 10,000 tonnes per year.

Its dock facility receives shipments of raw sugar every 6 weeks, with the volume of spillage estimated at 1 tonne at the transfer point each time.  The clean-up time of this spillage takes 8 hours each load, plus additional disposal costs. 

The business operates with social responsibility and environmental goals supported by internationally recognised environmental accreditation under ISO 14001.  Our customer maintains this status through continuous improvement.

It was the plant manager that identified the need to reduce this spillage problem and sought an alternative remedy to managing this regular spillage task.


Critical to any effective conveyor transfer point is an effective seal.  K-Containment® Seal is a high performance, low friction steel backed engineered polyurethane system that offers exceptional resistance to wear.  Installed inside the chute, it is designed to withstand the high impact pressure and also protect the chute itself.  The slotted arrangement allows for simple maintenance ongoing adjustment, requiring minimal labour resources to manoeuvre.

Spillage after the installation of the K-Containment® Seal was reduced from 1 tonne to 8 kilograms.  K-Sure® Belt Support, with its fixed low friction slider bars instead of moving rollers, was also installed directly under the transfer point, using adjustable frames to ensure exact angles.  This is the ideal combination of seal and belt support and our customer is highly delighted with the sustainable outcome of this productivity improvement.

Highly adaptable, K-Containment can be used for a variety of applications.