Case Study: Eraser™ Primary Belt Cleaning System

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Previous Problem

Our customer was founded in 1908 and today the company is well established as a major player in the brick industry.  Their new brick super-plant located near Golden Grove, South Australia, uses the latest high-tech automated controls and a high-efficiency kiln to achieve energy savings of 30 percent over previous technology. The plant is water self-sufficient, has low emissions and operates on zero waste.

With more and more companies considering productivity improvements waste reduction and containment of materials spillage in the production process, our customer was focused on minimising all waste around the conveying of the wet clay.

Previously, they operated without any primary belt cleaning system. As a result clay carry-back and material spillage would occur along the conveyor, with build up forming on the return rollers. This could cause belt mistracking and expensive belt edge damage. Extra maintenance and clean-up costs were often required.


After consultation with one of our sales engineers to better understand the site and conveyor structure, it was agreed that the best option was to install Kinder Australia’s Eraser™ Primary Belt Cleaning System at the run-off end of the conveyor. Given the height and restricted access at the run off-point, the Eraser’s unique polyurethane self-tensioning Perma-Torque ratchet would mean it would require minimal ongoing adjustment. As soon as the conveying of product commenced, our customer’s problem was resolved in the following ways:

  • Immediately material spillage and waste have been reduced because the Eraser effectively prevents material carry-back and also allows for better recycling potential of any waste material;
  • Immediately maintenance time and costs have been reduced because less time each day needs to be scheduled for cleaning up the spillage and washing down the conveyor;
  • In the future there will be cost savings on the purchase of replacement blades because the properties of the high quality engineered polyurethane blade of the Eraser has proven superior durability; also the self-tensioning ratchet reads the belt speed resulting in accurate and reliable placement of the blade edge to the belt; and
  • The belt itself is at less risk of damage because there is no belt edge damage from the clay build-up.

View the Eraser to see for yourself.