Case Study: K-Snap-Loc® Dust Seal System – The Essential Seal Combination

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Previous Problem

Our established New Zealand quarry customer operates a busy concrete production plant.  A transfer point located on one of their existing conveyor systems is situated in an awkward area for gaining reasonable access, inside/ underneath a drive-over bin.  This was making the completion of any maintenance task such as the removal of spillage, very complicated.

Our customer had used SBR Black skirting rubber to surround the chute.  However it was performing poorly and wasn’t containing the transferred sand and aggregate material effectively.  Spillage would find its way onto the inside of the belt and subsequently cause tracking issues, which would result in further spillage and downtime in order to clean-up the area and keep it hazard-free.

Ongoing adjustment of the skirt rubber required numerous bolts to be undone, adding further inefficiencies to ongoing maintenance.


To significantly reduce the maintenance time as well as the complexity of the skirt adjustment task, we advised our customer to install a combination of belt support and skirting products.

Firstly to replace the SBR rubber skirt, a K-Snap-Loc® Dust System was installed.  Minimal tools were required for installation as the
K-Snap-Loc® is securely mounted using a simple length of Unistrut mount.  Ongoing adjustment is no longer necessary because the engineered polyurethane properties of K-Snap-Loc® are capable of self-adjusting to the correct and precise distance to the belt to contain the pressure of transferred material effectively.

Secondly, to stop material spillage that occurs through belt edge sag where the weight of the load at the transfer point is not sufficiently supported underneath by the conveyor rollers, our customer then installed a K-Sure® Belt Support.  These low friction bars replace the existing rollers and provide consistent uniform support for the belt’s movement.

Lastly, to ensure that the best possible wear life performance of the skirt and belt support is achieved, K-Containment® Seal was installed inside the chute at the rear and also sides.  The purpose of using the K-Containment Seal is to provide an extreme wear resistant protective layer for the vulnerable edges of the chute.

“We are absolutely delighted with the performance of this transfer point, and can’t see ourselves doing any clean-up or maintenance for a long time.

“Our plan now is to adopt this essential seal combination, throughout the plant.” Plant Manager.

Watch K-Snap-Loc® Dust Seal System – The Essential Seal Combination Video.