Case Study: K-Magnaplug® – Reusable Wear Repair Magnetic Patch

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Previous Problem

Our customer operates a number of brown coal transfer chutes for handling the flow of the bulk brown coal material between an open cut mine leading to a power station. This particular chute is positioned at a height of approximately 2 metres off the floor, where it leads to the receiving conveyor. The chute opening is approximately 1200mm wide, tapering down to 700mm.

The chutes are ageing and are beginning to show signs of deterioration. A large coal spill was reported and a small hole in the chute wall was confirmed by as being the cause of this spillage.

Continuous production needed to be maintained for the transfer point, so the hole needed to be fixed urgently, whilst the increasing volume of spillage needed to be cleared away requiring a bobcat.

“The equipment is not due for replacement, so we were keen to resolve this problem quickly with an outcome that would not interfere with our production schedule or require any further labour resources.”


Our customer was able to resolve the leak immediately by applying the magnetic wear and repair K-Magnaplug®.

“The patch was very easy to apply – it was lightweight and didn’t require any special tools. First we placed the bottom section of the patch on one side of the hole, and then hinged it centrally across the hole and secured it with the other section of patch. Straight away the leak was stopped.

We monitored the area overnight in case the impact of the transferred material might throw the K-Magnaplug® off. But it didn’t and so we were then able to plan for the repair efficiently and permanently without requiring any conveyor shutdown time.

Because we didn’t need to allocate any additional emergency resources to this urgent repair task, which can cost approximately $1000 a day, this problem was resolved very cost-effectively as well as quickly.”

Customer feedback September 2016 (12 months after initial purchase):
“Generally we apply the patch until the next planned maintenance opportunity for repair. Usually the following week. The patch has been a terrific tool to enable us to concentrate on our planned routine maintenance without breaking into our program to attend to break in work.”

K-Magnaplug® – Reusable Wear Repair Magnetic Patch
L190mm x W280mm x H38mm Weight 3kg

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