Achieving precise conveyor belt tracking and minimising material carryback is essential for operational excellence. Kinder’s K-Commander® Coated Steel Rollers are purpose-built to address these crucial issues, making them the top choice for bulk material handling industries demanding impeccable conveyor performance.

K-Commander® Coated Steel Rollers, sets new standards in engineering design and manufacture.  These rollers increase friction by about 20%, aiding belt tracking, especially in wet and sticky applications.  Recommended to be installed in K-Commander® Direct Series tracking idlers to replace conventional steel rollers.

K-Commander® Coated Steel Rollers are made from high-quality structural steel for durability.  The shell end disc is pressed from high-quality structural steel.  The weld between the shell and end disc is located internally to ensure belt protection.

With K-Commander Coated Steel Rollers, wear is concentrated on the easily replaceable rubber surface.  They also reduce vibration and noise, whilst promoting belt traction.

Key Features:

  • Rubber lagging maintains the replacement K-Commander® Coated Steel equivalent roller diameter.
  • Total Indicator Run Out ≤ 0.5mm.
  • Tighter specifications for high speed and weigh applications available.
  • Shell end disc is pressed from high quality structural steel.
  • The weld between the shell and end disc is located internally within the shell face to ensure belt protection.


K-Commander® Rollers are versatile.  They’re also perfect as pressure rollers in belt cleaning applications.  K-Commander® Coated Steel Rollers shine in high tension zones on conveyors, like convex curves or transition zones.


The rollers are available in 45 – 75A durometer rubber, with stock rollers at 60A.  They also meet approved MDG3608:2012 FRAS 60A standards.  For higher specifications, polyurethane 90A durometer is an option.

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