With over 5 years working as a member of the Kinder Australia team, Tim Storer, Field Applications Specialist, has a flair for creativity and a knack of keeping engagement levels high with his exuberant personality and delivery. He enjoys connecting with the industry at tradeshows and hosting demonstration webinars for both customers and as staff training – keeping information technically informative but cutting to the chase with the key information expressed to viewers with ease. He always prompts for questions people may have and encourages two-way communication.

“It is vital that we stay connected with customers and the industry” says Tim “It ensures we can progress, support and learn.”

Aligning with Kinder’s corporate culture is the Value: Make meaningful connections.

Communication is key at Kinder, whether we are interacting with other teammates internally, or our industry business partners who include customers, distributors and suppliers. We recognise that our interactions can have a huge impact on morale, atmosphere, and reputation. Making meaningful connections at Kinder is important for building a positive work environment and nurturing a sense of belonging. This in turn leads to increased collaboration, creativity, and productivity. We strive to make a positive impact both within and outside of our organisation and industry. By making meaningful connections with our colleagues and communities, we are able to build a strong sense of purpose and commitment to our shared goals, and we believe that this ultimately contributes to our success as a company.

For Tim and the rest of the Sales and Engineering team at Kinder it is all about communication. Open and honest communication is paramount for people to trust you and the business – and this has been a crucial value at Kinder for 35+ years.

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