Failing to clean your conveyor belts can lead to a sticky situation – Material carryback occurs when bulk material adheres to the conveyor belt and is not completely discharged at the transfer point or the intended destination. Instead, some portion of the material sticks to the belt and is carried back along the return side of the conveyor.

The follow-on effects can lead to a variety of production inefficiencies:

The resulting clean-up of material spillage is unproductive and costly. Sourcing the personnel to do the manual shovelling is becoming more of a difficult feat.

Kinder Australia’s comprehensive range of Belt Cleaning System Products provides the solution to effectively remove material carryback and solve these issues before they even arise.

The range covers Primary, Secondary, V-Plough, Belt Cleaning and Dewatering Idlers. The team of field application specialists and engineers can guide you in selecting the best option for your application.

From mess to success – A clean belt equals a clean site, with material moving smoothly and not getting lost along the way.

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