For fine particle materials, the K-Slip Rubber Backed UHMWPE Wear Liner Liner is an ideal option.  Although these materials present minimal wear, there is an issue with how the material flows (or more importantly, doesn’t flow) Fine non-abrasive particles having passed through the crushing and grinding circuit, may be required to flow through complicated shaped chutes where there is restricted head room.

With a conventional low friction material, it can be difficult to install in these complicated transition and confined points. Round corners and acute angles do not fix well with fasteners; in fact they often provide another point on which the material can bridge.

K-Slip has a synthetic rubber backing, and adhesive is available from Kinder Australia to attach securely with a smooth finish.


  • Extra slippery with very low co-efficient of friction.
  • Thin and flexible for complicated shape applications
  • Synthetic rubber backing. Adhesive available.

Watch Video – K-Slip Rubber Backed UHMWPE Wear Liner

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