Primary Belt Cleaner

Primary Belt Cleaner

Carryback is a common occurrence within material handling operations, causing serious material accumulation and residue build-up on return rollers as well as productivity downtime and cleaning/maintenance issues if it adheres to the conveyor belt.

If your operations team is constantly dealing with carryback and inefficient conveyor belts, take a closer look at Kinder Australia’s K-Calibre® range of Primary and Secondary Belt Cleaners.

The K-Calibre® Primary Belt Cleaner is designed to remove coarse and sticky material from the conveyor belt surface, ensuring your belt stays clean and efficient. Its unique tensioning system ensures consistent blade pressure across the entire belt, improving cleaning performance and extending blade life. Plus, its compact and innovative design allows for easy installation, adjustment, and maintenance.

Additionally, the K-Calibre® Secondary Belt Cleaner is the perfect companion to the primary cleaner, removing any leftover fine material and ensuring your belt is as clean as possible. The torsion-spring secondary mechanism ensures each blade bounces away from the belt for ideal splice passage and quickly returns to the cleaning position. This important feature effectively removes carryback and maintains a high cleaning performance, protecting the belt and its splices.

The design of K-Calibre® Secondary Belt Cleaners allows for quick and easy blade replacement, reducing maintenance downtime and increasing productivity. Depending on your specific application, two materials of blades are available, tungsten carbide and PU, which thoroughly scrape conveyor belts clean and eliminate problems with carryback and spillage.

K-Calibre® Reversing Cleaners have a slide in/slide-out blade assembly design. This allows for quick and easy blade replacements, whilst helping to minimise conveyor downtime for reversible belts.

Both the K-Calibre® Primary and Secondary Belt Cleaners are built to meet the most demanding and heavy-duty applications.

So don’t let dirty conveyor belts slow down your operations. Invest in Kinder’s K-Calibre® range of Conveyor Belt Cleaners and reap the rewards of a cleaner, safer and more efficient conveyor system today.

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