Cameron Portelli, Senior Mechanical Engineer and Charles Pratt, Operations Manager at Kinder Australia were selected to present their white paper at the prestigious industry conference CHoPS 2022Analysing Impact Forces & Overcoming Speed, Heat and Pressure Issues in High Capacity Belt Support Applications.

CHoPS (Conveying and Handling of Particulate Solids) International Conference was hosted in Salerno Italy in early July.

Attendees showed a particular interest in Kinder’s engineering capabilities, belt support solutions and K-Shield Dynamax® Impact Idler. K-Shield Dynamax® Impact Idlers are ideally suited for heavy duty applications, particularly within mining environments and for high capacity conveyors, with no limit on belt speed, belt width, lump size, TPH or drop height.

With the guidance and support of Charles Pratt overseeing operations at Kinder Australia, Cameron Portelli manages the engineering department. The team of engineers have been growing rapidly at Kinder Australia in recent years – it is a busy and exciting place to be, so delegation is key to keep things running smoothly. Each engineer is aligned with projects that suit their various skills and specialties which include Mechanical, Chemical, Aeronautical, and Electrical/Electronics. A deep understanding of design and problem solving is key with usage of cutting-edge drawing software, 3D printing/prototyping, and strategic thinking.

The product collection at Kinder is expanding to create new technology that will solve crucial bulk handling productivity and safety issues.

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