Polyurethane Lining Solution, K-Superline Polyurethane Lining

Chutes are likely to experience material flow issues when they have uneven surfaces and ledges. Issues such as bridging, arching and ratholing take time and resources to unblock and keep material moving freely.

Depending on the material properties (such as size, solidity, and fall) damage to chute walls as well as excessive noise can be expected in some instances.

Kinder’s K-Superline® Polyurethane Lining System can ensure material stays free and flowing, and machinery protected from abrasion and heavy/constant contact of conveyed material.

With the power of waterjet cutting, any size and shape can be profiled, with accurately placed installation holes, bevelled edging, and dual-colour wear indicator.

Hard-wearing, protective and ultra light-weight (85% lighter than steel), K-Superline® is a stronger and more elastic version than all other outwardly similar polyurethane products.
It ensures a smooth and durable surface when you need material to freely flow.

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