K-Magna Seal

New K-MAGNA SEAL (Leak Patch & Drain Cover)

Safe, Effective and Environmentally Friendly Hazard Control Solution

Leaking ACID, FUELS and many other Hazardous Chemicals can pose serious OHS challenges.

Kinder’s latest Hazard Control Solution, K-Magna Seal can quickly, safely and permanently stop hazardous leaks instantly.   Due to its ease of application, this sealing solution protects the responder by minimising direct contact and exposure with the leaking hazardous materials.

K-Magna Seal can be effectively applied before emergency response teams arrive.  This minimises long wait time, human exposure to the leaking chemical, environmental exposure and loss of valuable product.

K-Magna Seal is manufactured from unique and patented Rare Earth Magnets and Urethane.  This combination protects the magnet from direct heat, cracking, rusting, sparking, leading to other potential dangers.



Can hold guaranteed up to 25 psi of pressure.  Available in 5 sizes.

K-Magna Seal – Leak Patch

A high strength, high chemical resistant, magnetic, flexible urethane patch that can hold guaranteed up to 25 psi of pressure. Available in 5 sizes, – it comes with built in “D” rings and straps.   Available in different sizes starting as 8”x8” and up to 36”x36”.

Suitable Applications:

  • Derailed rail car / pipeline.
  • Corroded tank / Punctured barrel.
  • Aluminium or Plastic (Non-Ferrous) Vessels – D rings and straps can be uses for these applications.

K-Magna Seal – Drain Cover

A flexible, ultra-thin, high chemical resistant drain cover that stays in place during high liquid flow.  Available in 4 sizes, it comes in low strength magnetic or non-magnetic option.

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